What’s really going on in America?

To some people of my generation we can look back with surprise and anger at the Socialization of America and scratch our heads in wonder at why and how it happened. America is far different than it was in the 40’s and 50’s when we were too young to think about the mis-direction of America. We lived thru this part of history. 

Diana West has been a favorite author and here’s her latest book. She analyses why and how America became so vividly Left. West is a journalist but this book contains original research and some conclusions that follow similar conclusions from a lot of us who were born in the first half of the last century. It has loads of answers.

Here’s a review that has since been taken down from FrontPage because it goes against the Left’s ideas about America. That should be sinister enough to cause you some concern about West’s (correct) conclusions. “American Betrayal” is a summary of some of the successes of the Left in betraying the principles of America.

From a review of the book by Frontpage’s Mark Tapson, (here):

“For West, one of the clear indications that something in the American  consciousness had changed is the fact that, thanks not only to Soviet  propaganda but also to domestic peer pressure, many Americans were more  outraged by Ronald Reagan’s unapologetic phrase “evil empire” than by  the evil empire itself. This is the result of “the hocus-pocus  transformation of liberty-loving anti-Communism into a force of  repression to be reviled” and its flip side: “the hocus-pocus  transformation of totalitarian Communism into a force of liberalism.”

Thus, post-Cold War generations of Americans have a kneejerk  revulsion toward the witnesses and investigators who tried to raise the  alarm about the presence of traitors in positions of influence. “In each  and every instance,” West writes, “it was the anti-Communists, the  ex-Communists, and the Cassandras who were punished and castigated by  the Washington Establishment, and then ostracized for their ‘crimes’ of  exposing treason.” The names of those demonized Cassandras either have  been forgotten by history or live in infamy.

The most notable example, of course, is Sen. Joseph McCarthy, whose  name has become synonymous with red-baiting and Cold War “paranoia.”  True, McCarthy’s hyperbolic theatrics “enabled lots of people to dismiss  the whole issue as a witch hunt or the product of a demagogue,” notes Harvey Klehr, author of Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America. But West is certainly correct that McCarthy and Whitaker Chambers and their ilk were and still are hardly hailed as patriots.

And yet the infiltration and deception of which they warned was  vaster than most Americans know. “Expert estimates,” West writes, “now  peg the number of Americans assisting Soviet intelligence agencies  during the 1930s as exceeding five hundred.” She quotes the former chief  of intelligence in Communist Romania, who told her, “During the Cold  War, more people in the Soviet bloc worked for the dezinformatsiya  machine than for the Soviet army and defense industry put together.”  She quotes Joseph D. Douglass Jr. as saying, “The Soviets live and  breathe deception. You cannot understand what they are doing without  understanding this. Indeed, you can’t even begin to understand Communism  without understanding deception.”

West and others  know McCarthy told the truth. A congressional committee found McCarthy told the truth about the Soviet Spies working at the State Department. Some of West’s information was covered by Ann Coulter’s article (here). More was covered in the book: Mitrokin Archives. I’m on my way to getting “American Betrayal” although I’m certain it will only confirm what I already know about the massive betrayal of America, a betrayal that has increased in recent years.

Perhaps it’s premature to believe the most free days for Americans are behind them. OTOH, maybe they are.

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