Don George didn’t like being the first speaker called so he “deferred”. His buddies on the board went along with his demands and two people spoke before him even though the chairman called them out of order. One of my topics was a water meter setter that could be made for less than a buck. The Sewer Board charges $194.50.

Don George was brandishing a cane. The hand-picked political sewer board attorney butted in, uninvited, of course. A recess was called. The Sewer board re-appeared and declared the meeting adjourned.

Don George was heard in the parking lot yelling “I’m in fear for my safety”. Then, brandishing his cane, he confronted a private citizen. I had walked away but hearing the cry from Don George about fearing for his safety I called the police. Cooler heads prevailed. Further escalation was avoided. The confrontation ended.

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