The whole truth means leave nothing out. Leaving out something is lying by silence. What was left out of President Obama’s  Jan. 25th, 2011 so-called State of the Union address that has become just another political event? Read the speech and try to find anything done to accept the responsibility for the lousy economy. Saying “I Accept Responsibility” is not an action done to reverse the damage done by whatever it is for which the acceptance of responsibility is admitted.

Restitution is the acccepted means to accept responsibility for the damage done. People who rob a bank have a moral obligation to return the money. People whose car hits another car are responsible to pay to repair the car. The idea is to redress the damage caused. The first step of restitution is to total up the damage done, not to accept responsibility. Accepting responsibility is meaningless to the victim. Getting the life of a victim back to where it was before the injury is what needs to be done.  

Which brings this back to the so-called State of the Union. Nothing was proposed to offer restitution for TARP, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, A.I.G., Bear Sterns, the misnamed and very private Reserve U.S. Government Fund, Stimulus I, the Bank Bailouts or the widely unpopular Takeovers of General Motors, Chrysler, the Firing of Certain GM dealers for political reasons or for the even less popular takeover of America’s Medical Community including Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals and for=profit Medical Insurance providers.  

Obama’s GM and Chrysler are now creating unfair competition for cars and trucks worldwide. GM/Chrysler will be forced to make cars Obama wants, not what the market or consumers want. Obama Motors cannot operate a for-profit business. Government does not operate like a business because business has two fundamental characteristics that are missing from government. Profit from Sales and Free Market ompetition. Note that the lack of those two business attributes are the reasons Obama Motors failed and why Obama Motors took over Obama Motors.  

The State of the Union was not discussed during the so-called State of the Union address. Ideas like what needs to be done to pay off the massive debt, the money the politicians in government took from the people and spent to increase the power of the political class. 


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