Bruce Townsend got caught taking money from Northampton township. Ed Farling must envy Bruce because he want’s to take money, tax money, from the people of Pennsylvania and America. He took lots of it when he approved the Chinese Solar Project.

Taking money because you think your ideas about how to spend it are better than the ideas of the people who have the money reveals a lot about your character. Some people are bad characters. Their ideas about how to spend other peoples money are bad. Not just bad economically, bad morally.

Ed Farling thinks taking $193,500 from other people is OK. That’s how much he approved to buy the Chinese Solar Panels for the Sewer board. He compares his decision to the decision by the DEP to force Northampton to follow the Northampton Sewer plan.

Background: Northampton evaded their own 537 sewer plan and forced residents to ruin their properties by building above ground versions of below ground septic systems instead of connecting their properties to a public sewer system.

Farling on the other hand thinks it’s OK to spend $193,500 because he thinks the sewer board will save 20% on the electric bill. Here’s a flash Ed. There are plenty of companies who will save the sewer board 20% on the electric bill without buying a stupid Chinese solar system. But Farling also thinks the $193,500 system will not cost “the ratepayers” (that’s a code word that means the Chinese Solar Panels will cost everyone else $193,500) “a dime”. Want to sell this guy a bridge?

Here’s what’s going on. A slick guy sold the Sewer Board a bill of goods. He told them there’s not much time left to take advantage of the deal because the grant money will expire. Why, he asked should they let the money be wasted? People who are gullible, greedy or in deep financial straits are susceptible to con artists and there are plenty of con men around.  

It’s true that ” a sucker is born every minute”. That’s why there are five people on the sewer board. Someone should be able to figure out the truth but then they have to convince the Insider Republicans they should walk away from a deal that has a clock attached. That’s Economics 101. But you can’t cure corruption and the Insider Republican Corrupt Sewer Board proves that almost every meeting.

That’s why the Northampton Republicans do not deserve a  second chance. Not yet. Not until they demonstrate they are willing to play by the right rules. Approving the Chinese Solar Project shows they are still in Corrupt Mode.

This old adage is true. You can fool all of the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time and unfortunately you can fool too many of the people too much of the time.

Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham are good managers, good people and even though they have been in power about 19 months, they have controlled two years of spending and have not raised taxes, fees or anything else. They have passed unique Cell Tower Ordinances that are a model for all of America. They didn’t get conned by a Solar Panel scam when they rejected the Chinese Solar Projects. They did that by being careful and managing the township better than ever. These two candidates are the best for Northampton. They deserve your support at the polling place on November 5th. What a pleasure it’s going to be to realize Northampton can continue to be one of the best places in Bucks County.

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