Ex-Sewer Board member Don George continues to amuse us with his hilarious attempts to attack Supervisor Rothermel. George has a mind unhinged and strange set of priorites. He knows he will get another no-show  job with pay from the Insider Republicans if they win one supervisor seat in the November election. Don George has been involved in a half dozen assaults around the township including three on me. I reported all three to the police.

George’s latest dream-up is this. He claimed someone  altered the sign-up list for public comments at the Sewer Board meeting. 

Poor George showed up with a cane. Rumor has is he has been unable to create an income stream so is he trying to collect Social Security disability by feigning a limp? He must get at least one Republican elected so he’s constantly inventing fibs like he did with his “nineteen month  Cross-Connection Contamination fantasy”. George was  claiming Northampton’s water supply was contaminated so majority Supervisors Rothermel, Rose and Cunningham asked for permission to re-inspect the pipes of 22 business’ in the Industrial Park. No pollution was found. Nineteen month’s of wasted drivel from Don George could have caused a panic. Supervisor Rothermel is not a vindictive man so Don won’t be prosecuted for what he dreamed up. It would be like prosecuting a child. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. If he did he’d be out making some money instead of playing the fool all over Northampton.

George claims the speakers sign-up list”was altered”. Wow. That’s serious, right? Why is George fixated with the sign up sheet? Here’s one reason. He has very little of substance to say. He failed to report my suggestion to save residents about $200 bucks when they want to get a water meter installed by the Water Board. A simple pipe, 7 3/4 inches long could be used to leave room in the incoming water pipe and prepare it to mate with the water meter. That’s a $199.25 saving compared to the $200 present cost. That’s a 100% saving. OK, it’s really a 99.55 per cent saving that rounds up to 100%. Imagine what a person like Don George could do with $200. He could pay half of his unpaid 2012 trash bill.

So far as disrespecting the attorney hand picked by Northampton’s überfürher and the hand picked Sewer Board. The attorney was without the power to discuss my objection. See:  http://www.billoneill.info/8226/lying-damn-northampton-insider-republicans/ for a more complete explanation. The fact is the attorney was not asked to intervene in the colloquy between my self and the Board. The rules require the attorney be asked, not just blurt out her opinion, an opinion that was not only wrong, but legal nonsense.

George has trouble with reality. He lives in a childlike dream where he is slaying dragons. But he’s an adult and he should put away his childhood fantasies. The most helpful thing the community could do to help both themselves and George is to vote for Rothermel and Cunningham. They are fine people, good citizens, great Americans, our neighbors and they kept both the spending down and did not invrease any tax or fee. They worked hard for us. Finally, with the election of Dr. Kim Rose, easily the most capable of supervisors who brings a velvet touch to the Board of Supervisors, finally Frank Rothermel was able to put some good programs into Northampton. He and Jim kept township spending within budget and met their goals to keep taxes and fees the same or lower. They succeeded and they deserve our vote in November.

Don George? What he needs is an honest job.  

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