Goofy. Goofiness. The worst of Northampton posing as the best.

Here’s the deal. Insider Republicans are livid. Screechingly outside their abilities to conduct a fair election campaign, they took to cheating to win years ago but they lost. How does a politician cheat to win an election? Same way they cheat and lose. It’s the cheating, the lying, the misrepresentations, the cowardly actions, the hiding of the truth, the buildup of lies, the Corruption.

Why cheat to win? Lack of character. Immoral minds, immoral in the intellectual sense. The betrayal of self, a sort of self inflicted damage to one’s psyche. Harming someone by the intentional actions or omissions by a trusted person is a classic definition of betrayal but when a person betrays themselves they destroy their own soul. Their spirit becomes sullied, twisted, sullen. They head for the life of crime.

Breaking a Republican Party rule is not part of the Criminal Code so it’s not a crime, for example for a State Senator to write a glowing letter praising another politician. But. It’s against the rules of the Republican Party to endorse anyone running for committeewoman. What’s a letter of support doing supporting an incumbent committeewomen in a small district in Northampton township? Violating the rules. Not a crime you say? Well, perhaps it rises to a crime if fraud is involved. Fraud involves cheating. It’s cheating for a benefit. The Senator demands favors in the future. Senators want to be paid, just like carpenters when they work. Who loses? Republican voters in the little district who get a cheaters for Supervisor,  Senator, committeeman instead of someone with integrity.

A committee person is not the lowest political position in the party. Neither is an assistant committee person. They get appointed, sort of like being a made man in criminal gangs.  Even lower that that are the gooney goo-goo’s who kiss-up to the higher-ups. These are life’s little losers who steal political signs and write whole packs of lies. Stealing signs, lying, writing rule breaking letters. Working for head-pats and kibbles, they are the lowest kinds of people. Sure, supervisors who have been supervisors 25 years knock over political signs. Senators break the rules with endorsements. townships name buildings after them but they must die first.

These are the hypocrites who are without moral grounding. Maybe they act religious but they betray their values even for such tiny rewards. It’s stunning to people who have integrity to know a few of their neighbors are so low they break rules to win.

It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Northampton District 9?

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