August 7, 2013. The chairman got confused. He correctly read the sign-in sheet. The first name was crossed off. The second name was called  and he “deferred”. The third name spoke about the lack of evidence for the cross-contamination claims of the Exec Director, claims which were like yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre when there was no fire. There was no contamination. The fourth name on the list was me.

I asked for the definition of defer. Blank look on chairman. I asked to speak after the deferred speaker. The chair asked if there was anyone else who wanted to speak. No answer. I spoke about the 90 cent water setter compared to the authority’s $200. Then the deferred speaker rose to speak. I objected. The lawyer objected to the objection. The chair called a recess.

The board returned after the recess. More palaver. Meeting adjourned until the next evening. People began to leave. Some shouting in the parking lot. The last speaker, the deferrer, was a guy with a cane. The cane carrier was without a limp. Typical. The police arrived. Everyone dispersed.

The Republican majority Sewer Board failed to complete a meeting because the chair couldn’t or wouldn’t or both follow the rules. One, Two Three. How difficult? Apparently, obviously too complex for the people in power. Northampton township has had to deal with some extraordinary corruption by the Republican leaders. Misrepresentations become frauds when they are purposeful. Souls are sold and lies are told. Knowingly false Cross Contamination allegations. Almost two years of ad hominem attacks against one of the first Democratic Supervisor’s. Two years of lies. Judas.

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