Here’s a thoughtful letter sent to The Voice of Reason  that shows how chaos is caused in Northampton.


I thought I’d take a few minutes to review the videotape of Jerry Bass’ comments on the public works union negotiations at the July 24 BOS meeting.

The “Kamikaze”, (his word for himself)  wants us to believe he is the world’s most experienced union  negotiator, and wants to pass on to the Township all this great advice in “dealing with the union”. He warned …” not to accept any demand for backpay”.

He said, “they (public works workers) started the fight so don’t agree to any back-pay or bonus in the agreement.” What I cringe at is his opinion that: “…they started the fight.” Jerry and his Republican insiders are obviously anti-union. They believe it’s probably better for the Township to work without a  union. The fact is that over the years management failed to act in a manner to keep workers satisfied. The workers felt they had to call on the unions to right some of the wrongs.  The general opinion on the street is: the Township Manager is the root cause of the workers discontent. They thought they should unionize. So, for Kamikaze to state: “… they picked the fight” is wrong. Jerry Bass is a strong Republican insider. He takes advantage of the Democrats protection of free speech, protection the Republican-run Water and Sewer Authority doesn’t allow and so Jerry is able to speak whenever he wants. Anyhow Jerry takes the microphone to convey the opinions of his Republican brethren at all the BOS meetings. Their anti-union sentiments will no doubt backfire on them.

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