Over the past 30 years comments have been made to the supervisors about carcinogens in the well water of some residential wells. The township handles trouble by ignoring it until some higher power vorces their hand. So the State representative called a private meeting for some residents, nothing public and no record, and keep kicking the ball around.

Bill O’Neill proposed in an e-mail to the State Rep that the following be done immediately.

1. Tell everyone in the neighborhood to bring a bottle of their water to the township building.
2. Tell the supervisors in charge, viz Komelasky, Silver and Deon to put the bottles, there may be around a hundred, in a township vehicle
and deliver them to the DEP in Harrisburg. One hundred half gallon containers full of water would weigh about 450 pounds and if they are lined up ten bottles across and ten bottles deep they will easily fit in one of the large SUV’s bought by Northampton.
3. Hold a press conference on the Capitol Steps. Call it “Eliminate Cancer in Your Back Yard”
Invite Senator Tomlinson, Governor Corbett and local Commissioner and Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley. Invite FOX and MSNBC. Let me know if you need contacts there.
This press conference should be an important event even for the State Government because Cancer is fatal.
Explain to the Press that you are not going to make some citizens wait one minute longer to find out if their well is poisoned, oops, that’s not very PC, say “contaminated with cancer causing chemicals”.
Be careful about giving away the Time Line — the number of years this has been known or should have been known by the officials because that could include both you and Senator Tomlinson.
4. Issue a demand to the DEP to test the water right away. If they don’t respond in an hour, tell the press you are going to drive the water samples to a test lab in Harrisburg. If the test costs $50 each, it’s $5,000. Send the bill to The Northampton Supervisors where Supervisor Deon spent twice that amount on one letter to the citizens last year, a letter, the cost of which he alone authorized. Deon has that kind of power. 
But the DEP should have some kind of test lab where they can run the required tests themselves. If they do not, and I would not be surprised to learn they cannot test water even though they claim they have the responsibility to protect the Waters of the Commonwealth that’s another set of political issues that will just fall in your lap.
This is a great opportunity to exercise more of the leadership qualities that some citizens still expect from some government leaders but you better hurry before some enterprising Democrat wannabe official does it.

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