You can watch a top thinker and his staff analyze and move towards solving “The Race Problem” in America. O’Reilly is spot on with his “Talking Points Memo”. He blames the destruction of the Black Family as the bigger problem for Black Americans. Click on: (O’Reilly on Race)

What caused the destruction of the black families in America? Welfare. Welfare destroys and will continue to destroy. What is destroyed by welfare? Integrity. Self-sufficiency. Honesty. Integrity. Self-Worth. Self-Respect. Greece, Detroit, the Black Family, all go back to the welfare state. the Left tries to disguise welfare by calling it Social Engineering. Liberals promote tend of thousands of names like Head Start; Women and Infant Children.

Welfare is the Crown Jewel for the Left. The Do-Gooders who don’t know the problems their Woo-Woo solutions cause and under all of the false ideas about the causes of it all is the welfare state that cheats all the people.

Low income people have been targeted by the Liberals as being incapable of earning a living. Liberals invented more and more ways to expand welfare. Cash-For-Clunkers; Solar Energy Grants; the list of disguised names for welfare is almost endless with more invented everyday.  Not only doesn’t welfare work, it works in reverse of all of the supposed claims. Welfare created more dependency. Welfare made if more profitable for women to stay single, have babies and get money from the government. The worse things became for the underclasses, the more money Liberals took from those who earned and owned it and gave it to single mothers with children. Welfare encouraged single parent families, multiple partner males and mostly it hurt their children.

O’Reilly might follow up with the cause of the destruction of the family but he will encourage people to follow religion as a way out. That won’t work. The way out is to stop most of the dependency. Prayers and compassion are distractions, not solutions. The way out is to stop making it more profitable for women to have out of wedlock children and receive more welfare money for each additional child.  Welfare is a lose, lose, lose condition. the first losers are the workers who are forced to pay the living expenses of welfare recipients. Next are those receiving the welfare payments who are deceived into accepting free money that’s not free after all and 3. the children who lack the life skills that are inculcated by a normal set of parents. Those children grow up in the gangsta rap world and they die at younger ages or go to prison. Racism is not the problem for black Americans. It’s welfare.

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