PA is among the worst states for guns and gun owners. PA citizens cannot get rifle scopes, magazines, rifles, pistols, machine pistols with the freedom they should have. PA is run by Liberals. Liberals detest armed civilians. Liberals, like the petit dictators they are at heart who have captured Pennsylvania’s legislature and judges and used them to systematically dismantle the protection of the Second Amendment. Pa is the tenth worst state for protecting Second Amendment Rights. Fourty states are safer for their citizens than PA. You wouldn’t be surprised to learn California is the worst place in the nation to own a gun, followed by New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Hawaii,  Maryland, Rhode Island and Maryland.  These are Left, Liberal, Social Democracy states as is PA.

Why are anti-gunners so successful in regulating guns in PA as compared to say Alaska? That’s easy to answer. PA is and has been part of the Eastern Liberal Establishment. The newspapers are far left. the Courier, for example will not allow a conservative on their staff. they refuse to select conservatives for their editorial board. Their sister paper, the Intel in Doylestown is more Left than the Courier because the Intel is in Doylestown Borough which is the furthest Left municipality is Bucks.  BTW, Bucks voted Democrat in the last three Presidential elections, Bucks has more well-off Liberals in the coverage area of the Intel so it’s to be expected that Bucks as well as just about the rest of PA believes that “the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed” no longer applies in Bucks or PA. they don’t realize the dangers to which their anti-2nd Amendment belief’s expose them. .

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