President Trump Responded to Never Trump Republican Liz Cheney for Her Crazy, Mindless comment that we should “Respect the Sanctity of Our Electoral Process” – With a Crushing Tweet.

Liz Cheney showed her true colors as she released her statement urging the President to “Respect the Sanctity of Our Electoral Process”.

Liz Cheney showed us her utter ignorance and she now sides with the Democrats over President Trump.  Despite more corruption, voter fraud, vote switching, vote hiding and vote changing reported in the 2020 presidential election to date than ever reported in history, Rep. Cheney believes the President should ‘respect the sanctity of our electoral process’.

This woman is simply outrageous.  A real nut-cake. This isn’t the first time she showed her lack of vision and perception when speaking out against the President.  She simply doesn’t seem to care that her comments are hurtful to her President, her party and her nation.

The fact that Cheney somehow believes that the Democrats stealing millions of votes and rigging an election is fine is stunning. She needs to step back and think more before opening her mouth and saying such crazy things.

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