They pressured Florida to go after Zimmerman. They rigged up a trial to make Zimmerman into a racist who hated black people and shot an innocent young black man. The facts led to a different conclusion and it was the fortitude of six jurors who saw through the DOJ plot and freed Zimmerman. That’s not enough for Eric Holder. He wants Zimmerman in jail. He has the power to continue to harass Zimmerman and terrorize his family. This is not right.

Eric Holder and the DOJ need to let Zimmerman go before they cause even more division in the nation. The case is simple. Zimmerman was found Not Guilty. Holder doesn’t like that so he’s into vendetta mode and no citizen can stand up to the Federal Government. In addition to knocking on Zimmerman’s door in the middle of the night, Holder and company have the power to terrorize anyone or any group they decide they want to torture. This is an obscene and malicious case of political revenge. That means Vendetta and Revenge by government. Here’s hoping Zimmerman gets out of this alive.

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