Posing as if they knew all about sex, the Family Research Council reported a poll of married Catholics who said they had better sex. They didn’t say better than what.  What was their standard of comparison?   If they had sex outside of their marriages, they would have a way to compare sex in and out of their marriage. Oh, wait. If they have better sex outside their marriage, they are not devout Catholics. If they had better sex inside their marriage, that would mean they had sex outside their marriage so their conclusions are based on experience. But as soon as they admit they have better sex as devout Catholics they are simultaneously admitting they are not devout. The poll and the conclusions are logically flawed.

 One cannot comment on knowledge one does not possess. And who could,  in a religion that demands celibacy, teach about sex? And who really has bad sex?

The Catholics are not alone so far as sex goes. One can be intensely religions, agnostic or atheist. Sex has no religious component but enjoyment is partly intellectual. Nevertheless, better sex is part of life.. It’s not just for Catholics. A poll of atheists would conclude that atheists have better sex. It’s the nature of sex, not the conclusions of a poll that make better sex.

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