So what’s the big deal? Most people never heard about Agenda 21. Why does the United Nations support it? The U.N. doesn’t want to hurt anyone so why are so many people against Agenda 21. Here are some items that show how serious some communities have been and how local the United Nations has become.

  • Pennsylvania Community Pulls Out of Regional Comprehensive Plan

  • The New Hampshire House has voted down an Agenda 21 bill.

  • UNA-USA Nebraska member voices opposition to anti-Agenda 21 legislation.

  • One of several anti-Agenda 21 measures in Oklahoma has been stalled in the House.

  • An Anti-Agenda 21 Resolution has passed the Virginia House, and a bill banning Agenda 21 in the Commonwealth remains in committee.

  • Other anti-Agenda 21 measures have cropped up in:  Arizona; Indiana; Iowa; Missouri; Nebraska; and Washington.

Agenda 21 means No Private Property. Sound Impossible? How could Americans lose the right to own Private Property? Easy. Pass ordinances that weaken it. Condemn commercial property and make it part of some walking path, some kind of scenic attraction, some kind of government owned or government controlled “Right of Way”. Slowly, surely, relentlessly remove the protection of private property from a commercial or individual owned property. It’s happening in Bucks County. It’s happened in Lower Makefield, Upper Makefield and Northampton. Read about Agenda 21 like you would read a subpoena to defend yourself in court about something with which you had nothing to do. You must do this yourself. There’s far too much mis-information about the good things that will happen if you just give the community a bit more power. You can give up your freedom’s drop by drop or give in because your friends and neighbors tell you to. What you cannot do it be as free as you were twenty years ago. Those days are over and those freedom’s are gone. 


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