As Chairman of the Water Board, Tony continues to cause chaos. He wrote a letter to the editor complaining that the Democrats didn’t fire any Democrats from the township boards. That’s because for 200 years the Republicans didn’t appoint Democrats. There were no Democrats to fire and besides, Evan Stone wasn’t fired at all. His fourth term was completed. It was over. He didn’t own the position although there was a cost to him to keep it. But he wasn’t fired as “brainiac” Albano thinks. He wasn’t removed and he and Tony  think it’s business as usual meaning the corrupt little coterie of insider Republicans’s should not be reappointed and reappointed and reappointed like happened over two hundred years. Stone had his appointed position for over a decade and so far as it’s known he performed like a political appointee usually does. He did what he was told. 

Continuing his truth-shading, Tony wrote a VENT in The Courier about his strange belief that the $190,000 Solar Panel installation at the Water and Sewer building was both free of cost and saved public money when it was paid by tax money, therefore not free which lucre was churned thru a  private company to get the tax money that was prohibited to the Water and Sewer authority over which he rules. In plain words, the deal stinks. It used tax money, called Renewable Energy Credits. Government operations like his NBCMA are prohibited by the law from using Renewable Energy Credits.

So how did the Water and Sewer authority get the forbidden money? They set up a middleman to get the “credits”, i.e., the money. Credits, like dollars are money with the distinction they are in this case money taken from the people.

People like Albano do great violence to morality. This proves that. Tony should have resigned years ago. His salvation is on the line. That’s the penalty for violating morality.

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