Here’s how silly the attacks by black people are getting. A paralyzed Republican in a wheelchair addressed the Republican National Convention on Wednesday evening. At the end of his address from his wheelchair he stood using a walker. Yamiche, (she likes to claim it’s pronounced YA MEECH) Alcindor. Yamiche is a contributor to NBC News and MSNBC, who was so annoyed by the Republican in a wheelchair that she responded by tweeting against him. His name is Madison Cawthorn.

Yamiche stands with the BLM crowd against police brutality, as we all do but YaMeech revealed the state of her mind when she tweeted:

“Madison Cawthorn made it a point to stand, suggesting that all Americans to should stand during the pledge of allegiance & national anthem. It was a direct rebuke of actions by ppl — including black [sic] athletes who are currently sitting out games — protesting police brutality.”

As if all police are at fault but the criminals who they are trying to apprehend are innocent little angels.  Erik Wemple of The Washington Post reported President Donald Trump has repeatedly insulted Alcindor at White House press conferences because of her rude and unprofessional behavior at press conferences.

Sheech Ya Meech.. Get it right! Everyone who stands is not against what you support. Standing is almost impossible for Madison Cawthorn. It took a great effort for him to stand at the RNC and he should be applauded, not used as a fan boy against your causes.

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