Capitalism is just, Socialism is not. Capitalism is fair, Socialism is unfair. Capitalism is compassionate while socialism steals from some people and gives the money to people who have no right to the money of others. That’s not compassionate. Compassion has no place under Socialism but capitalism is said to lack compassion for victims. The truth is Capitalism does not victimize people. Socialism does that when it takes money from some people and gives it to others.

For example, if government takes ten cents from a million people it collects $100,000. When $100,000 is given to Harvard to educate one person, the majority is deprived of $100,000 and one person gets a free $100,000 education. That’s manifestly immoral, unfair, unjust and wrong. 

Government gets away with that everyday. Few people figure out what the government is doing and no one will complain about a ten cent tax but when the ten cents is a few thousand dollars per person per year they should complain about it.

I had to pay for my own education. Taxes were taken from me and other people received free education paid for by my tax dollars. When that’s brought up the standard answer is you’re a bigot, a racist, too cold, un-compassionate and mean. But the reality is thousands of un-deserving people get free educations, free homes, low rate mortgages and all of the other benefits from the welfare state while people like my parents had to pay for them all of their lives and so did I. Socialism is seen as compassionate but it’s cold. Socialism takes advantage of capable people and provides benefits to people who have fewer capabilities. that’s wrong. Nature endows everyone with a different set of attributes. Why should people who have more natural abilities be forced to pay for people who don’t have those capabilities. Force is the key to Socialism. Trade is the key to Capitalism.

Force is used by gangs. Persuasion is used by capitalism and successful persuasion is condemned by Socialists who want to force capable people to sacrifice so unfortunate people can be given a better life. Government must use force to take money from people for Social programs. they say they do not use force, that paying taxes is voluntary. If you want to buy something you must pay a tax. If you don’t want to pay the tax you can by something that’s un-taxed. If you fail to pay the tax you will be punished.  But why should people be punished for buying things? Under Capitalism people who have abilities are able to earn more money than people who are by nature not as capable. Not only is that fair, just and right, it’s moral.   

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