Anti-Choice people are nuts. Their common attribute is outrage, with fear of their innermost feelings and terror that they will be attacked underlying their psychosis. Anti-gunners share certain dysfunctional problems with anti-choice people. Both cannot handle their excessive rage and fright the way normal people do. They are in psychological, clinical “denial”. They distort reality and wrongly identify fetuses as babies then call “babies who are victims of murder”. There’s a purpose to their madness. They want and so demand special treatment. They say they want new laws but they really want their distorted realities concretized. Having been wrongly indoctrinated by leaders they falsely identify themselves as standing against the evils of society but they are the evils. Their psychosis projects on fictional enemies instead of their inner problems. That’s classic psychotic “Denial”.  They also hate and fear humans, another of their distorted views about the universe.

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