Get revenge. Punish enemies. Reward friends. Some Americans have a President, others have a prosecutor in the White House. What kind of personal values does the man have when he sees the world through polarized eyes? How small can a big man be?

Obama is a resentful man. His “Dreams From My Father” shows him classifying people based on the shape of their noses. Read the book.

This is a small minded man. Threw his pastor under the bus but never denounced the race-based politics. Different rules for different kinds of folks, especially for people who don’t look like the right kinds or types. Helping people fight against “the rich” but spend $100 million to trip to Europe to show he hasn’t lost his magnetism. Europe is too far from the Tea Party, another example of Obama’s In-Group and Out-Group Governing tactics. revenge by IRS. Blame the video instead of being responsible. Avoid responsibility and shift blame. Punish and mis-use and abuse of power. Organize one community against another to upset the scales of Justice towards his favored groups. Waste money because that hurts the rich but everyone pays taxes, especially the hidden taxes on everything that’s manufactures and sold. Excise taxes increase with inflation so devalue the dollar, increase the amount of excise taxes and the poor get hurt more than the rich. The silence is the lie the hurt is real.

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