They follow the ideas of Social Justice and the tactic that their ends justify any means. These are people who succumbed to the error of sacrifice. To force someone to pay a dollar and give them nothing is a twice-flawed moral principle and that’s the moral code of Liberals.

They yell about equality in an unequal universe. They call equality Social Justice. Rubbish.

The idea of Social Justice means whatever a Liberal accepts as Just empowers confiscation and wealth transfer. Liberals oppose Capitalism which is based on the neutral idea of trade. It’s un-necessary to say “Free” trade. Trade must be free by definition otherwise it’s fraud. Cheating is fraud. Lying to cheat is fraud enabled by lying. The Left just refuses to accept the failure of Socialism whether it’s called Social Justice, Progressivism or plain old Marxism. Failed everywhere yet President Obama and his Chicago politicians keep on going. When will sanity return?

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