There’s no sense having an immigration policy if the policy is to admit everyone. That’s Eric Bolling’s solution to the illegal immigration problem which is like curing poverty by making more people poor. America’s immigration is out of control with 40 million illegal’s already in America and Bolling telling everyone who want’s to leave their country “C’mom In!”

Every country in history had an immigration policy to control who enters the country. Remember Castro’s Muriel Boat Lift where Castro sent their prisoners to America? In 1980 Castro encouraged the exodus from Cuba, sending prisoners and the permanently mentally impaired for a total of 102,000 immigrants mostly without a means of identification or immigration clearances despite the hundreds of thousands of immigrants from other countries worldwide who had to wait even longer because 102,000 Cubans went to the front of the line. 

The problem with immigration is the enormous welfare dollars it cost American citizens to support people without the money to take care of themselves. Americans are generous. Americans like immigrants but Americans hearts are bigger than their money so the government has raised taxes as the number of illegal immigrants skyrocketed.

What’s wrong with admitting Terrorists, criminals, con-men, bigots, and anti-Americans? Infiltration and soft invasions come disguised as immigration. Some immigrants immigrate to escape oppression then oppose American freedom and “Imperialist America” after they arrive. Immigrants discriminate against Americans when they organize into barrios, shanty towns, HUD high-rises and ethnic ghetto’s. Immigration policy should not be a suicide pact. Common sense, history, compassion and reality should inform immigration policy.


from Cuban institutions,

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