The Bucks County Sheriff election in November will have at least three choices; a Democrat, “Duke” and Tom Lingenfelter. More on that as things develop.

Tom recently received a respectable percent of the Republican vote but Donnelly received more. No surprise. Donnelly, 70, is loved by the backroomers who keep their own in power. Pat Becktel (sic.) was rejected by the backroomers but a huge number of office holders and other insiders, including a judge from Western PA who gave her $50,000 split the Bucks Republican party; supported Becktel and made mincemeat of Pat Poprick’s choice, Michelle Christian.  This is not good. The party needs to be stitched back together.

On a personal note, more tea party / patriot types need to step up, step in and get things straightened out for the good of the country. I’m committed. Hope some of the power types try to get this fixed.

The Liberal system has failed everywhere it has been tried yet Liberals have control of America and they are doubling down to keep themselves in control and to keep out Conservatives. The scandals in DC continue to roll in yet the voters keep re-electing people who are problems for more freedom. Bucks County is neither Washington nor Harrisburg but the fallout from the DC scandals will keep on hurting Bucks and Northampton Twp. Too bad 

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