Your Social Security, aka. “National Identity Card” number is the beginning of your large file kept by the Federal Government. Your fingerprints are coveted by government but your race and politics are gold and DNA is the real treasure. Your telephone numbers, school records, e-mail addresses, race, religion, country of origin, ethnicity and the websites you visit are there. So are the countries you visited and info about your siblings, parents and ancestors. Every car you owned, and probably what kind of wine you drink are there.

The Stazi in East Germany and the BfV in West Germany include “undesirables” and in Merry Old England they track your path thru public transportation and on the roads by the license plates on your cars and the road cameras. Registration serves it’s purpose.

Russia has eight state monitoring agencies. The European Union which should know better implemented a mass surveillance project. Denmark sends citizen info to all government agencies in the name of linking the agencies. In America in 2006 the NSA contained over 1.9 trillion call-detail records. TALON lists members of anti-war groups and individuals who attend anti-war rallies. Gun registrations are linked to all sorts of nefarious predictors.

The data is always expanded. It’s secret and will remain secret. You can never see it. Your children and grandchildren are there. So are your parking tickets. Even the dead aren’t removed. Government databases create jobs but more data is being collected by computers so as the data increases, the employees are terminated. And the dopy people among us are delighted that government is tracking their neighbor.

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