For the past six years, a circadian rhythm animates some GOP boobs to try to trash the Northampton Democrats during the election. The sensible Republicans removed a very offensive post full of distortions, lies and downright mendacity that wrongly criticized Democrats for doing the right things.

There are three Democrats on the Board of Supervisors, all in their first term, a total of 11 years serving the people as supervisors. The three are counterbalanced by a 27 year GOP supervisor and a three year GOP supervisor, total of 30 years of GOP vs 11 years of Democrats. Almost three times as much experience yet they act like kindergartners. One actually teaches kindergarten so new material from personal experience with five-year olds comes her way everyday as she tries to get all of the candy unwrapped and eaten before the supervisor meeting is over.

At the April 24th meeting the kindergartner actually asked the Chairman if she had discussed lower rates with a vendor. Of course during the 30 GOP years nothing of the sort ever happened. Seriously, no Republican ever tried to get a lower rate. Higher, yes. Lower? Heaven forbid.

The boobs are like children in working with some cowards who either cannot figure things out correctly, (stupid) have wrong premises, (ignorant) or just enjoy lying. Northampton politics descended into the tar pits when a few miscreants decided to go politically stupid. Part of the reason the Republicans lost Northampton to the Democrats is the vitriol of the few whacko GOP’s.

For example, Dr. Kimberly Rose had to step in to avert a panic when some loonies decided to yell “Poison in the Public Water”. Instead of doing what the Water authority was supposed to do they tried, unsuccessfully to concoct a tall tale that Supervisor Rothermel, who is not on the water board, should do the work of the water board and figure out if there was poison in the public water. According to the EPA, the director of the water board has that responsibility. The EPA is clear. The water board is responsible for the safety of the water. The water board refuses to accept that. The lawyer for the water board advises against the EPA. The director refuses to get evidence that the water is contaminated but he spent tens of thousands tracking down the smell of seweage on Green Lane. How incompetant are these people?

Maybe they are just plain, old-fashioned stupid after all.

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