Today’s constraints on free speech and thought are now substantial persecution. Those who would not themselves engage in violence contribute to it by submitting to this censoring and the attempt to obliterate history.

“Without a social order that supports freedom, the ability of anyone to express dissent dies.”

Moral cruelty contributes to actual cruelty by uncritically accepting lies that blacks are all and always treated disproportionately in the criminal justice system, by nodding in agreement with the nonsense that there is “systemic injustice” — that is to say the very rule of law is racist. This is moral cruelty. So is groveling under the nonsensical “white privilege” rubric in the face of thuggery and cant. There is no collective guilt or collective innocence.  All Americans of every race are privileged by a system designed to procure and secure equal rights for all. It is a system based on a refutation of collective guilt or innocence. We are individuals united only when we acknowledge that each of us is responsible for our own conduct. Period. Whites and blacks. We all matter and are all entitled to the great privilege of liberty.

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