Oh No! Another huge cover-up by “The Adminstration”. It’s reported at: http://thehill.com/images/stories/blogs/globalaffairs/benghazi.pdf The Report by the House of Representatives Republican Conference, confirms what many Americans know, that the truth about Benghazi was covered-up by Obama; the murders of four Americans in Benghazi by elements of al-Quida are at the feet of Hillary and the Adminstration of Barak Obama has been lying about it for the past seven months. The lying cover-up  is not as well hidden as Monica’s blue dress but it’s more serious because four Americans were murdered and because Obama as President ordered the lies and the cover-up for a cheap reason: to win re-election. Obama would have won regardless of Benghazi but the lying and the cover-up will continue to haunt him right into his Presidential Library in Hawaii. 

Is the cover-up an impeachable offense? Certainly.

Should a special prosecutor be appointed to run this down? Certainly.

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