Tom Lingenfelter is on the Republican Bucks County Ballot for Sheriff and is trying to get the incumbant Republican Sheriff removed because his petitions are defective. Conventional wisdom is: if Lingenfelter is successful the Bucks Republicans would have to support Linbgenfelter in the fall election against the Democrat candidate.

But the Republicans would not support Lingenfelter despite Tom’s Republican registration. They would prefer a Democrat Sheriff over Lingenfelter. Why? Why would the Republican party not support a Republican candidate?

Here’s why. If Lingenfelter wins the Republican party bosses could not control him. Lingenfelter is independent of the political machine and they know he is beond their reash. That’s why they opposed Tom in the primary. They tried in vain to kick him out of the Exec meetings. They cannot order him around like they can order around a politically indepted candidate. 

The major parties know they can work behind the scenes with each other. Democrats work with Republicans but the public is never told about it. Sen Toomey just proved that. Republican Toomey worked on a private yacht, away from prying reporters, worked with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin on Senate Bill S-649. Toomey is a made-man in the Republican party. Lingenfelter want’s to be Sheriff to help the people, not the politicians. They know that.

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