It’s the Fourth Amendment. But government typically ignores most of the Constitution and most people are insufficiently informed to make government accountable to some kind of standard. Because of heavy handed bureaucrats who want to investigate people even when a person has committed no crime, a warrant is too easily obtained. Government may investigate you when you are innocent. When government wants to enter a private home, it ‘s become easy for them to do. More laws to increase investigations of innocent, private citizens by government violate the Constitution.

It’s  morally insufficient to claim for example, too many people have guns. You are free and government is supposed to protect, defend and enlarge your Liberty. (I added the enlarge your Liberty part. Government never would agree to that but it’s the spirit that informed the Constitution.) 

So you want to forbid mental defectives from aquiring guns?  I suppose that’s because you believe people who are less than perfect should not possess a weapon. That’s inconsistant if the nature of an individual guides your ideas. But too many people actually think people are bad. Basically bad or basically good doesn’t go deep enough. It’s about the nature of each individual. Freedom is not something a society needs. A society has no rights nor does society need power. Why? Because there is no such thing in existence as society. Society is a reference word for a group of individual people. It’s the individuals who exist. No group can eat for the group or think for the group. It’s only individuals who can do that.

Each individual has powers. Each individual has rights, free will and a mind to guide their decisions. Forbidding an individual to decide is tyranny.

Castro is winning because too many people don’t want to life free.  The lights of freedom are growing dim.   

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