The Second Amendment is under another attack by Democrat Senator Joe Manchin. The Republicans and the Tea Parties have been tricked into going after the wrong dogs. Senator Joe Manchin’s supporters organized protests against Senator Toomey in Philly instead of Senator Casey, also in Philly. The Tea Parties were tricked into going after the small potato guy, Toomey, instead of Big Turkey Bob Casey and of course Obama himself.  Democrats know how easy it is to divide and conquer so they tricked some good Republicans to help weaken the Second Amendment.

Democrats are diabolically clever. They called Senate Bill S 649 the Second Amendment Protection Act. The title is false. It’s the Second Amendment Weakening Act.  It restricts freedom. It’s not common sense at all. It weakens and leaves more defenseless the weaker people who will be further hampered trying to get a gun. They are losing more of their Constitutional power to have a gun. Government puts people who have less than perfect minds in danger from which they cannot escape because they cannot own a gun. The Universal Background Check is designed to restrict people from owning a gun. Government also wants to further weaken the duty of government to protect the innocent people who are less than perfect, the people who made a mistake or two and are therefore classified as violent and even people who commit big felonies like illieal stock trades. S649 will classify them as not eligable to purchase a gun. S649 does not protect the Second Amendment. that’s not even necessary but the title is purposely deceptive because the main purpose is to eviscerate the Second Amendment. S649 is a very bad bill.

The Second Amendment applies to all of the people. It applies to 40 to 50 million people who own up to 300 million guns in America. The Constitution applies to the people who hate guns as well as the people who carry guns to work everyday. The Second Amendment is every tyrant’s nightmare because it helps people protect themselves. Protest Sen Casey’s vote against the Second Amendment. His office is at 2000 Market St in Philly. That’s near 20th and Market.  

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