Patrick Henry saw further down the road than his peers. His Richmond Speech has so many parallels with the anti-gun issue and with the present set of issues in America that’s it’s a bit eerie.

“Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope.  We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of  that siren till she transforms us into beasts.”

The Illusion of Hope is everywhere but the painful truth of the present condition of freedom is hidden deeper every moment. Exciting campaign slogans like ‘Foreword’, ‘Hope’, “Change”; background checks which ease government into our homes to collect our freedom, control of the medical business which has too few doctors so lesser medical staff are acting as doctors, severe overspending, public debt taxing our future and giving it to government to do what government does best, Squander the Money.

A background check is a fishing expedition into the private lives of people not guilty of crimes. The Constitutional protection from search with neither evidence nor warrant has been silently removed from the people. Government has un-Constitutionally taken broad powers and used them to create a happy ghetto inside the gates. Government took guns from inside homes in New Orleans so not only can it happen here, it has.  

Northampton Township has seen bitter feelings over increasing government intrusions, fanned to white heat by the sewer board and one-party rule. A different party is now in charge but not at the sewer board so bitterness underlies the proceedings.  The sewer board remains stubborn, suppresses free speech, holds secret meetings and announces political affiliations when it suits the hold-over appointees from the bitter battles and engages in pay-to-play that goes as high as some in Harrisburg. Northampton deserves better.

Under such conditions the idea of removing guns from the homes appeals to certain people, not the writer, of course. Authority often detests the lack of control, the issue underlying the prohibition of speech under the disguise of, … well it’s not disguised. It’s visible at every Sewer Board meeting just as it was at the Supervisor meetings before the people voted to change things. 

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