It easier to collect the 300 million guns in the hands of American citizens with a list of the homes and the names of the people who own them. Government always tells people they do not keep such information but really, who would believe that? The names and addresses are scattered in government computers so government can deny there is a list. But it’s a simple matter to create a list with a few keystrokes that identify, for example, people who registered their guns.

Voila! as the French say, the job of collecting the 300 million legal guns goes much faster than if govenrment did not force people to register. Will government want a tatoo on the forearm of gun owners? Will gun owners be taken to a re-education center like American’s of Japanese descent in 1942 for training in the proper amount of obsequence towards government operators? Will the re-education camps teach surrender to government regardless of the sacrifice demanded? Will personal Liberty finally be banned from the culture?

Such are the dreams of tyrants in government. Such are the horrors still vivid from the past century. Instead of the names of famous battles Americans won will the culture continue to condemn America with places like Saigon, Hiroshima and Watts? Where will this end? Surrender.

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