Because of the Terrorist attacks in America on 9/11 a new Department of Homeland Security was formed, reporting to the President because of the National nature of Terrorist Attacks. Investigation of a Contamination of a Water Supply in the United States is the responsibility of HS.

NBCMA is watching out for Contamination. It’s their responsibility because even though Northampton Township has responsibility for the construction of the elements of the water supply in Northampton Township, the NBCMA was created to keep the water safe for the residents. The Environmental Protection Adminstration also has responsibility for clean water that’s delivered to businesses where people work and residential properties where people live.

Lately there’s been a concern that the Northampton Water Supply was contaminated by well water from wells that were in use in 2010. A criminal investigation of the events that might have caused an alleged contamination was begun because the Water Authority announced it was un-prepared, unable and unwilling to meet it’s responsibilities. No official information is available because the responsibility to keep the water safe is the responsibility of many different government agencies. The water is presumed safe unless a credible threat has been found. If it’s found and depending on the nature of the threat, perhaps it’s radioactive material, Homeland Security has an interest. Northampton Township wants to cooperate with all those responsible to investigate a possible breach in the safe water supply, including all the way up to Homeland Security.

Bucks County has many levels of official Criminal Investigators. The local Police Department is an obvious place to begin the count. There are detectives, sargents and police officers who are trained Criminal Investigators. Bucks County has three more levels of Criminal Investigators, the District Attorney, the Grand Jury and the Sheriff. There may be a fourth, the Commissioners but that’s highly unusual. Then comes the PA State Police, the State Attorney General and the State grand Jury which consists of 23 people designed to give the government permission to prosecute a citizen there is a Federal Grand Jury as well as a Federal Attorney General. State and Federal Congress’ can investigate possible crimes and Congress can set up either a House of Representatives investigation, like The House Un-American Activities Committee that investigated Communists who were trying to overthrow the United States. Notice the House Committee is different than the Senate Committees, one of which is the Senate Committee on Investigations, of which there is a Homeland Security Committee.

That’s not nearly the end of the list but there are tens of thousands of people who may get involved in the Criminal Investigation of a Water Supply Contamination issue so it’s a big deal for a township to open a Criminal Investigation that’s related to Contamination of the Water Supply. It could involve the DEP, the EPA, FEMA, the National Incident Management System, the National Response Plan and the Incident Command System and additional elements of the State and Federal government, all because the Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority, the NBCMA has reported the possible contamination of their system and their unwillingness and their inability to handle it.  

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