There’s an anonymous guy masquerading as a concerned Northampton Township citizen who has been making up issues and even telling the people, falsely, that the water supply is contaminated. (He only thinks he’s being anonymous. It’s probably Don George who’s become so agitated over a dumb political issue that he’s been involved in four assaults in the past 9 months, two against me which were reported to the police and another against one of the nicest people in Northampton which was also reported to the police.) 

The Environmental Protection Agency states: “the water supply is the responsibility of ‘the water supplier'” which in Northampton is the Municipal Authority, not the township nor the Supervisors. Even the supervisor who’s been a supervisor for twenty six long years knows that and he has advised repeatedly: “the Municipal Authority is not part of Northampton government” .

Therefore,- fixing the so-called contamination issue would be the job of the Municipal Authority. Remember, the EPA states that in their brochure.

But for about the last year and a half it’s been an obsession with Don George, Tony Albano, and Tom Zuener, to demand Northampton Township prove to them the water for which they are responsible, is not contaminated.

In a stunt that embarassed himself Zuener plopped down some alleged report, – he never opened it so no one else knows what was inside it. It could have been 5,000 blank pages, but Zuener said it proves there’s contaminated water in Northampton. That’s complete nonsense.

Someone slipped a copy of The Pennoni Report to me and I read every page. That wasn’t hard, most of the pages were pictures. Pennoni found no contamination. None, Nada, Zilch, Zip. Not even a hint of it yet Pennoni’s engineer who is paid to attend every Authority meeting, a waste of our money, did not deny Zuener’s false claim that the report showed contamination. Zuener claimed it was an engineering report but there’s no engineering in it. He wasted even more money printing it and buying special oversize stage props for his presentation. The inspections and the photo’s should have been done by Municipal Authority employees and by Zuener himself but Pennoni is “on the payroll” for the Komolasky Board of the highly political, mostly incompetant Sewer Board. He should have done it himself but that would have meant safeguarding the money of the 39,000 victims of Northampton who pay his secret salary. It’s past time Zuener should have been severed from the Authority. Incompetence like his should not continue to be rewarded.

Water doesn’t flow uphill for a reason. The water in Northampton is not contaminated for a reason. Things don’t just happen except in dreams, unless there is a reason. The nine private wells in the Industrial Park are not contaminating the Municipal Authority’s water supply and the 2,500 page Zuener report proves the water is safe because there is no information in the report about contamination. 

Perhaps Zuener didn’t read the report which would have proved to him there is no contamination. Zuener wanted properties without wells searched to find if there was contamination from the well. There were no wells. It’s like sending the police to find a gun used in a crime when there was no crime. Like searching for a missing person when no one is missing.   

Northampton township acted to prevent an ill-advised panic from starting because of the scare tactics of George, Zuener and Albano. Even if they are given the benefit of the doubt, Pennoni is the engineering firm hired by Albano and Zuener and they stood by and did nothing as did the Municipal Authority’s lawyer. Like the three monkeys who talked but said nothing, – looked but found nothing and as they are in the habit of doing, they did nothing – instead of speaking up and saying there is nothing. Which is what there is. Nothing.      


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