Ho-Ho,  Ha-Ha is an old song by commedian Red Buttons who is being channelled by a Northampton Ho-Ho who hides himself from the public. A psychotic, probably congenitally so, un-educated, he hears his quaking voice as a symphony. Tone deaf as well as a Ho-Ho.

Ho-Ho never signs his letters. He thinks people take his rants serious because psychotics see themselves as normal.

He tried in vain to get people to attend the 3/27 Supervisors meeting with a false flyer he distributed, nsigned of course. People can’t change their spots, can they?

He tried to create a panic by claiming, wrongly, that the public water was poisoned and that it was Supervisor Rothermel’s fault. Rothermel has a record of uncovering the corruption in the township and bringing it to the attention of the public. Zero thinks that’s wrong. He benefits from the corruption as do a small gang of very secret and very corrupt politicians who ran Northampton into a fiscal mess. Twenty-Five Million is missing. remember the number 25. The $25 mil was stolen in small increments over the past 25 years by Ho-Ho’s buddies and Rothermel found out about it.  

Ho-Ho was bragging how he stole “DUMP DEON” signs in his neighborhood in his futile attempt to get Deon re-elected. People saw things different and not only Dumped Deon, they dumped Ho-Ho’s political party too, ending the rancor and division within Northampton, or so we thought.

But Ho-Ho continues to divide us. Ho hasn’t learned that wrong’s eventually get corrected. Hate doesn’t cure hate so don’t fall for Ho-Ho’s drivel.  Let’s stick together, continue to fix the corruption in Northampton at the Sewer Board, a holdover from the previous adminstrations. You don’t need to do anything except don’t vote for Ho-Ho’s. There are more than a few of them.

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