CBS filmed a reality show in Communist Vietnam where they made the contestants sing Communist songs, participate in Communist Theatre skits and attend a Memorial that gloated over a B-52 that crashed in support of non-communist South Vietnam killing two Americans and four American Crewmembers who were imprisoned. CBS thereby condoned and agreed with the Communists that America was evil because of the Vietnam War. CBS was asked to apologize for their unpatriotic behaviors. They refused. They did not have the courtesy to even speak with FOX who asked for a rather simple and easy to make apology.

If CBS supported the communists inadvertently or because of some different but perhaps understandable ignorance about what they were doing or because of some innocent mistake they could simply say that and get this un-American moment behind them. Or, if they really believe FOX is off base asking for an apology they should explain that. But they did not do that and now it’s too late. They will lose viewers and sponsors as a result of their America hatred. They are dancing their way to oblivion and good riddance to the garbage. CBS is a disgrace and no one should watch any show on CBS the Communist Bastard Supporters.  

Oh wait. CBS apologised. It  wasn’t a real deep apology but finally they did. Good. If the mistake really was naivete, fine. But from past experience, one must wonder if it was an apology or damage control.  

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