Did he suddenly change his mind about supporting Israel? What will Hexbollah agree to do for Obama? No and something but not much.

If Jimmie “the President who lost Iran” Carter, a world-famous industrial grade anti-Semite –  made a success out of his spectacular failures in the Middle East, can Obama use the Middle East to enhance his post-Presidential reputation? Carter has been doing that for decades.

Obama has the power to be an effective bridge between the ancient hatred of the Middle East for Israel. The grivences against America, the hatred of Catholics and Europeans is not as strong. Catholic rulers thwarted the conquest of Europe via Spain with The Inquisition. Europe stopped the Ottoman Takeover outside Vienna. The Pope sent The Crusaders to takeover Jeruselem and the Serbs resisted the Albanians until the U.N conquered the Serbs, showing why the Moslim world adores the U.N. The conquests of the Middle East continue in Africa with false objections from the friends at the UN.

But Obama is a different kind of American. He’s bi-racial. He’s multi-continental, both African and American. He’s been educated in the West and in the Moslim world of Indonesia. He’s an American President with the strongest possible Middle East connections. He visited Pakistan with an Indonesian passport when it was off-limits to other Americans. Obama can work with both sides because he is both sides. He has the highest chances of bridging the ancient divides and he has trillions of dollars to drain from America to buy peace in case he isn’t up to negotiating it. His chances to rivel Ghandi as a peacemaker are unlimited. Expect spectacular things from Obama’s trip.

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