Guns are a freedom test. You are in good company if you hate freedom. Good in the sense that there are many people around the world who hate the idea of freedom. The proof is the number of people who reject freedom and, unfortunately many of them live and vote in America.

2.There are people who hate freedom but believe in letting other people alone to be free or not. They are balanced out by 3. the people who want freedom but don’t care if others hate it. They are no help in protecting freedom. After all, they believe in live and let live. They give no priority to being free. They accept freedom but will not act to support it. There are more of them than you think too.

4.Before an adult can be free they have to know there is such a condition. That helps understand people who are free but refuse to support freedom. They are in terrible danger because they can betray freedom but they wouldn’t know what they did.

People who know about freedom and support it but will not help others support it are a fifth group. They are people for example, who refuse to vote, refuse to argue that freedom is good and will never attend a rally to support freedom.

The next to last group in this post are the people who know about freedom, support it and will work to defend it. They are better than the other people because they at least will join us on the barricades. The problem is no one ever won from a barricade. Perhaps you won’t lose if you help defend freedom but you can’t win blaying defense.  

Lastly there are people who will never stop promoting freedom. This is a rare group, almost a sub-group because there seem to be so few of us. We not only want to protect and defend the Constitution, we want to advance it. We are the people who, for example want guns. Generally we want everyone to have a gun but when we encounter someone who doesn’t want to support the right of people to keep and bear arms what are we to do? We want to at least talk to our counterparts to convince them freedom needs to be promoted. Defending freedom is our last stand.

It’s unfortunate there are Americans who will not support the Constitution. It’s unfortunate because they are betraying freedom and because of people like them freedom has been declining. Defending the Constitution and along with it defending and supporting guns has changed over the past 100 years. Too many people believe people are inherently evil. Some believe they themselves are evil or at the very least they believe they cannot trust themselves. They need to think about things like freedom, the American Constitution, the ideas of Liberty, of guns to defend it and ideas to promote it because freedom is under attack and too many freedoms have disappeared.

Next time you talk to someone ask them: “do you own a gun?” If they answer: “No”, ask them: “why not?” because if they don’t want a gun they may not want freedom either and based on the number of people in America who work to disarm people, the number who do not want guns, freedom continues to be in danger.

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