The Constitution limits the power of the President and Diane Feinstein. They want their power increased so they can decide which guns are not covered by the Second Amendment. The new Senator Cruz asked Feinstein does she believe the First Amendment only applies to the books government approves meaning all other books are banned. He also asked Feinstein if she believes that despite the Fourth Amendment Congress can decide which individuals are protected from illegal searches and everyone else must submit to a search? The same reasoning means Congress can decide which guns are protected and which ones are banned.

Feinstein went into a rant but did not answer Senator Cruz’s questions. She said her bill covers exactely 2,271 guns which means all others are no longer protected by the Constitution. Her analysis of the Heller case means Congress can make some guns illegal.

In the Heller case a majority of the members of Congress signed the brief authored by Stephen P. Halbrook advising the Supreme Court that the D.C. gun ban violated the Constitution. Then Senator Obama refused to sign showing he agreed with the D.C. gun ban.

Obama has violated the Constitution many times and he has four more years to keep violating it. He should be impeached along with Feinstein because neither understands this freedom stuff.  

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