There are supposed to be tax advantages for private solar panel purchases, tax advantages that are not available for municipalities. That loophole means a private company can sell a solar system to govenment at a lower price than the government can buy it because the private company gets a tax write-off and can pass along the saving to the govnerment.

Here’s the problem. It’s not free. Telling someone they get something for free but not telling them that someone else is paying for it is least a trick. It’s deceptive. The idea that it’s free entices them to get it but the idea that someone else is paying for it is kept secret.   

The Federal Govenrment want’s to increase the use of Solar Power to cut down on the use of oil. Fine. Why use deceit? The ethical way would be to say who is paying behind the scenes. The problem is: if the total costs are revealed the project is too expensive. Plus, the Solar Power Tax Credits are not supposed to be used by government. In effect government has to be part of the deception and the deception is the fraud.

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