Vote six times as Melowese Richardson might have done in Cincinnati where 19 people are under investigation for voting more than once. Melowese voted by absentee ballot then went to the polls and voted again. She admits that. She might have voted four more times under different names. Six votes for Obama. She admits to voting twice. It’s easy to do. It’s illegal. It’s serious and it’s not likely to be discovered. Those are some of the reasons it’s done.

What a shame for Obama to be under the cloud of suspicion because of the corruption of the 2012 election because of vote cheating.

Then there’s the ease of actually forging the Election Return Sheet. It takes only one person to do it. Here’s how it works. After the polls close the poll workers fill out the election return sheet including three copies. Each sheet is signed by each poll worker.Then one person takes two of the sheets to The Board Of Elections. If they happen to stop and fill out two blank sheets with changed numbers, who would know? No one.

It’s difficult to get a re-count of the vote. It’s expensive, takes time, takes effort and can be changed during the recount as happened in Florida in 2008. Remember the chads that were found all over the floor as ballots were changed during the recount?

There are other ways to cheat in an election. The time-honored way is to stuff the ballot box. Electronic machines need to be programmed before each election so they can be re-programmed after the election too. Still think elections are correct? I don’t

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