The Liberals and the Left-Wing-Nuts are celebrating the Messiah’s embrace of The United Nations, a Global Network of mostly America haters which not coincidently concocted Agenda 21.

What is Agenda 21? A massive collection of U.N. documents that elevate “the earth” over America. That means Earth First!

Earth First! is a Green Movement. They call themselves “deep ecologists and No-Compromise Environmentalists” and they “endorse the protection of the American Wilderness including a form of last ditch activism called ‘Monkeywrenching.'”

EarthFirst!, “always with the “!”, was started by Dave Foreman and his vision of 50% of American Land reserved for “Not Man”. So far the Federal Government owns 37% of all land in America. The Fed owns 60% of Alaska. Agenda 21 is the Action Plan that shows how to control America by writing the Zoning Laws.

So far it’s been enormously successful. It’s in your town, even if you live in the suburbs or on a farm or ranch. Obama, Clinton and Bush I extended the reach of Agenda 21 into every city with their Executive Orders. Obama issued exec order #13602 and E.O. #13575. Clinton issued Exec Order #12858. So this is a very big deal. Via Agenda 21 the Federal Government owns 884 million acres, about 37% of the land in America. State, local and neighborhood governments own about that much too. How did that happen?  Via the U.N. and their sub-rosa “Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide”.

This guide presents the planning elements, methods, and tools being used by local governments to implement sustainable development planning in their communities. It offers tested and practical advice on how local governments can implement the United Nation’s Agenda 21 action plan for sustainable development. from the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). Toronto, Canada: International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, 1996

Via zoning,  Private Property Rights are trumped. Government tells the landowner what can be done with the land without the owners permission. The Right To Work movement is child’s play compared to the Right To Private Property movement. In fact, there is no Right To Property movement, at least not yet because Agenda 21 has been purposely kept secret.

Obama’s support of the U.N. is not insane so long as eliminating the Right To Private Property is a goal.

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