From, Harry Binswanger wrote: “Obama‚Äôs State of the Union Speech: Deception, Cliche, and Danger” Binswanger goes on to prove why he drew those conclusions from Obama’s so-called State of the Union” campaign speech that truely was the worst public speech I ever heard. I had to stop watching because Obama made so many false statements. It was like listening to a child with the added problem that the child had taken herion. The man was delusional. He thought everyone would believe his lies. He had repeated then so often in the past without reprecussion so he expected he would get away with it all once again. Insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result. Obama is doing the same wrong things over again knowing about half of the people would believe him as the Messiah.

Binswanger is not alone in his conclusions that more danger is ahead as Obama continues to ruin America. Why does Obama want to destroy America? There’s no rational reason which goes to prove he’s both dangerous and delusional.

Congress needs to appoint a Special Counsel to prosecute and Impeach Obama

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