Is Obama the most Constitution – Challenged guy in America or what?

Government has no power to keep lists of citizens who have a gun. No power because that power is not among the enumerated powers in the Constitution. In addition a gun registration list is prohibited by the Second Amendment, an Amendment both Omama and Feinstein ignore in her recent gun ban bill. The Right To Privacy also prohibits the Database.

So the words in the Second Amendment – “No Law” means: – No Database. None.

“No Law” means unrestricted commerce in arms. Arms are not only guns and bullets. The Swiss keep a machine gun in their homes. A machine gun in America requires a federal license that requires fingerprints, approval by the local police. payment of a fine and a physical permit. That’s permission by the Federal Government to keep a class 3 gun. The Swiss who do not have the freedoms and the Liberty of Americans, are more free than you and me who now have sharp restrictions on our Liberty and Obama and the Left want to restrict individual freedoms even more.

The problems with so-called American gun violence is the lack of the will of law enforcement to deal with the crime spree’s in America’s inner cities. Obama will not offend the brothers in the hood’s. Instead Obama is using the abnormally high murder rates in the inner cities to take away guns from the law abiding. The inner-city criminals will remain untouched by the most divisive President and one of the most divisive people, Obama himself. He’s well-practiced in creating divisions between the races, exploiting those divisions and rubbing our noses in the excrement of his one-sided and race-based politics of the destruction of, –well, just call it the American genocide. The man should step down or be impeached.   

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