You probably never heard of “The Draft International Covenant on Environment and Develpment” (DICED) but what you don’t know can hurt you. Your property may be controlled by government because of DICED. You will own it, pay taxes on it and be responsible to keep it maintained and looking good but you may not be able to plant something so simple as a tomato plant or a rose bush without approval of your local board of Supervisors or whatever your local government is. DICED is a U.N. document that’s written like a Constitution.

DICED has a Preamble and 79 articles. The U.S. Constituion only has 7. The U.S. Constitution protects you and your property. DICED doesn’t protect you at all and it controls your property. Diced is about “The Environment” which as you know covers everything. DICED in effect get’s your property and your behavior. It does not protect you,  your family or your property. DICED is proposed as International Law by the EnvironmentBots and loads of them wrote DICED. Like all law, it’s not called The Law. American Law is called a Code or Statutes and includes Court Ruleings that are called Judicial Opinions. Lay people call those things Law but the law doesn’t refer to itself as Law. That’s the way the Law presents itself. Why?

The Law want’s flexibility. That’s the nature of government. It want’s to be flexible, like Obama told Medvedev when he said: “Tell Putin after my election I have more flexibility”.

But DICED has been banned in Alabama, Arizona, Tennessee and Kansas. That won’t stop it because it travels in disguise. DICED is part of AGENDA 21, a scheme to inflitrate a country by using a small group of people to turn DICED into local law. Slice and dice Americans, their property and their freedom by inflitrating your local township and quietly adding U.N. Law thru your Zoning and Planning people who don’t know the nature of the EnvironmentBots who are changing America word by word. 

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