You must protect yourself. According to the courts police do not have a duty to provide police services to individuals. See Warren vs. District of Columbia. The Military do not have to protect you either. Who Does? No one. You do not have a duty to protect yourself either.

What does that mean? It means you are on your own and you better watch out if you try to use force to protect yourself. It’s unfortunate but that’s the law. You do have some options. You can defend yourself if you choose to do it. You could be in trouble and get sued and lose if you protect yourself the wrong way. What’s the right way? There is no clear answer. You could be killed trying to figure out what to do when confronted by someone trying to hurt you. That’s why buying a gun may be a good investment, especially if you are not the most powerful person around. A pistol, rifle or if you are very lucky, an assault rifle with loads of bullets may be the only things that can stop someone who is attacking you.

What about a gang or a mob that’s trying to hurt you? What about a group of people who are attacking America? What can you do to stop say an invasion?

Very little. If an army invades America you can hope the military arrives in time but they will be trying to stop the invasion, not trying to save you. You? You’re on your own. If you don’t have a gun, what can you do? Negotiate? Not much chance of that working. Shoot the invaders? That depends on how many invaders and how many bullets you have. One thing for sure. Nobody from the government will show up to protect you because government does not have a duty to do that. Obama will not order the Army to protect  you. The purpose of the army is to protect America. Are you America?

You can protect yourself with a gun if you have a gun. That’s the purpose of the Second Amendment. But Obama wants to control your guns. He want’s to decide what kind of gun you can have. Senator Feinstein wants Obama to limit your guns and to limit the number of bullets you can put in the gun.

So Good Luck. You better hope you have enough good luck because Obama wants you obey him more than he wants to protect you. the courts agree with him. You? You’re on your own.

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