Bolivia is ruled by President Evo Morales. Jon Stewart interviewed him in front of a Left Wing audience who cheered when Morales explained that after he nationalized the Oil and Gas Industries the government received $2 billion dollars. Morales condemned the Excessive Wealth of some individuals. The cheering by the audience as Morales told of the government’s takeover of the Oil and Gas industries, which he did by sending the military into the oil and gas fields to seize that property is part of the reason Obama’s takeover of the Medical Industry in Ameria is cheered by some dopey Americans.

Here’s a list of the Socialist Countries In South America that are mostly rules by Elected Dictators. The BBC reported in 2005 that 75 percent of South Americans were governed by leftist rulers









Obama did not condemn the nationalization of the American Companies operating in Bolivia.  Hillary wasn’t able to achieve anything in South America. She failed to gain the respect of Morales or Bolivians in general who hear Imperialism when we say Democracy because of the hatred against America ginned up by the compliant media both in Bolivia where Morales rules with the military and America where no bad Obama news is reported.  


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