He did it again!

Poor Old Joe Biden struggled with the preamble to the Declaration of Independence during his March 26, 2020 at-home Coronavirus briefing.

Biden has been in government for almost 50 years and he still can’t get the basics of the Declaration of Independence down. Either that or the dememtia is creeping along and he can no longer remember what he used to know so well. This is freightening.. Here’s what he said:

“We hold these truths etcetera — sounds corny but it’s real,” said Biden on Wednesday as he was praising America’s resilience.

A couple weeks ago Biden jumbled the Declaration of Independence during a campaign speech.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the you know, you know the thing.” said Biden.*****************************

Biden’s campaign is running on fumes. A candidate with all the trappings of a traditional frontrunner—the long résumé, party backing, relevant experience, and steady poll numbers—suddenly is on electoral life support. Biden himself seems to be grappling with the likelihood that another humiliation is on the horizon. His first answer during Friday night’s debate was devoted, in part, to explaining how he was likely to lose on Tuesday.

For a candidate staring down another major setback—one that could irrevocably derail his presidential ambitions—one would expect Biden to be infused with a sense of urgency and desperation. But none of that was apparent on Saturday morning. And the lethargy that has come to define his campaign has begun to have an effect on voter perceptions.

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