Dillusional: Out of touch with reality. A disconnect with reality is a marker of insanity. An inability to connect with the real world of Americans really mad at the President and the ruling Democrats for thinking Americans will sit still while Obama tries to increase their taxes again. He just got finished with a 50% increase in the employees contribution to Social Security. The lamestream, meaning the lame mainstream media, helped the cover up by under-reporting it. Independent media mentioned it but the workers of America had to pay it. Another tax increase on top of that will help Obama’a Democrats lose in the 2014 election. Good. They deserve to lose because of the Constitutional violations of Obamacare, the cover-up of the cause of the Benghazi murders, the secret, back-door supply of arms into Syria, the gun supply to the Mexican drug cartels, the rise of more Left-wing dictatorships in South America like Bolivia, Obama pushing the false story about a video causing the Benghazi murders knowing it was false, the arrest and imprisonmnet of the video maker, Solyndra, the bank bailouts while letting home owners lose their homes because they couldn’t pay their mortgages after losing their jobs, the elimination of 8.5 million job-seekers after their unemployment benefits ran out, in addition to the false stories from the Democrats that Obamacare was Constitutional, it wasn’t.

The Supreme Court found the government could tax people for not doing something they are free not to do, but medical insurance. Obamacare is a tax increase. That’s what the SUpreme Court ruled. Another tax increase but it a tax increase based on not buying something which is a penalty, not a tax. Unconstitutional Obamacare, tax for not buying medical insurance, falsehoods and lies, what the #$%^ is going on here? 

Usually government taxes behavior, not the lack of behavior. Chief Justice John Roberts went to the funny farm to figure how government can tax people for not doing something that was their right not to do.

Obama is out of touch when he said Obamacare would not coost people anythiong. The IRS just announced it will cost a family of 4 $20,000.00. Washington is so far out of it that they must be drinking Kool-Aid. Delusional. Moving towards Insanity.

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