Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro used some colorful language while lashing out in a new article on U.S. leadership, calling President Barack Obama the world’s best “snake charmer” who ever lived, the Times of India is reporting. He’s not only a snake charmer, he’s also the Snake-in-the-Box because of the deception he’s been using to further his (sorry to use this over-used but accurate word, Communist ideas that were incubated in him by Frank Marshall Davis, Jerimiah Wright, Saul Alinsky, both of his parents, all four grandparents, Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, “Bomber Bill” Ayres and a long list of Marxist, Trotskyites, Moaists and Followers-Of-Fidel like Che Gueverra and of course the favorite of the likes of Michael Moore, Fidel Castro hinself who certainly knows how Obama works because he did the same thing in Cuba. Turned it into a client state of Russia and hell on earth for the people.

Now you know why Obama told fellow-traveller Russian President Medvedev to tell Putin “I can be more flexible after my re-election”. What a traitor to America. Obama, not Putin. We know Putin is an enemy of America.

A snake charmer is more honest than Barry, a snake charmer works one snake at a time. Barry is working everyone. He works with any tin-horn dictator who wants to destroy America. Obama has been channeling Saul Alinsky and his Politics of Destruction. Destruction of what? America. Alinsky, Putin, Obama all have the same goal. Punish Americans and destroy America. Let’s work to get him to obey the Constitution or his politics to punish and destroy will continue. 

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